• Curl your own lashes
    • Using your Swoon Curler, curl your eyelashes to help match the shape of your Swoon lashes
  • Trim each of the strips
    • Measure the lash strip against your eyes and trim off any excess length
  • Apply a thin layer of glue on the lash spine
    • Place a small amount of glue on the back of your hand or a clean surface first to make sure you don't put too much
    • Let the glue dry for 20-30 seconds before placing the lash
  • Place Swoon lashes on eyes 
    • Look downwards at a mirror to help extend your eyelid
    • Using your Swoon applicator and tweezers, place and adjust your Swoon lash right above your natural eyeline
  • Apply eyeliner to help hide the strip's band

Cleaning & Storing

You’ve spent hours applying your makeup to get the perfect look. You know that there’s no way you can go out in public with clumpy mascara, or without any lashes at all! That’s why you picked up your favorite pair of Swoon Lashes. But now what? Is it time to throw them away and start over again? No way! There are a few simple steps that will help store and reuse the lashes so they last longer than just one night out on the town. Gently remove the lash strip from your eye, use warm water or makeup remover and be gentle. Use tweezers to clean off glue from the lash band. Do not use any harsh cleansers on faux mink Gently sanitize your lashes to prevent bacteria growth, rubbing alcohol will work. Blow dry if needed and comb through with a spoolie or eyebrow brush. Reshape it into a nice curve. Store in a clean dry place where they won't be crushed or tangled