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4x Baby Swoon

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4x Baby Swoon Lashes

‘Your eyes light up my skies.’

Captivating and breathtaking, these Baby Swoon lashes from Swoon Avenue are just what you were looking for.   Some brands of faux mink lashes will make their entire lash out of plastic, rendering it stiffer and harder to apply.   Not these babies!


Baby Swoon lashes were constructed using soft cotton bands, making them lightweight, comfortable, and super easy to apply.   Each mesmerizing lash strand is gently tapered, just like natural hair.


Choose Baby Swoon lashes for:


  • A not-so-in-your-face glamorous look. Soft and feathery, Baby Swoon lashes give a sexy effect, adding the wow factor to your eyes. Be just as you are – just a little better.
  • Our lashes are vegan cruelty-free.


Add definition and volume to your natural lashes with Baby Soon.   Be picture perfect!