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4x Lumi

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4x Lumi Lashes

Lighter than air


Natural mink lashes can be pretty expensive, and on top of it, you might not be in the mood to wear real fur.   Faux minx lashes are your perfect answer. Still fluffy and soft, they require much less maintenance than the real McCoy.   Lumi Lashes from Swoon Avenue boast a feathery, permanent curl, and they won't lose their effect when getting wet.  


Look at Lumi for:


  • Ease of application. Yes, it is possible to get it right the very first time.
  • A natural look without looking fake. Lumi follows your natural eye contour and is your go-to option for a soft and romantic look that will make your eyes pop a little.


Streamlined but striking, Lumi is also lightweight and suitable for moving seamlessly between work and play.