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Oomph lashes are handmade and gently curled to give you a natural, noticeable look. The synthetic fibers taper at the ends to blend seamlessly with your natural lash line. Our super soft cotton band is comfortable enough to leave on all day! Made of 100% Synthetic fibers. Durable enough for 4+ uses
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Add some oomph!


Dynamite, bounce, gusto, life, and vitality. These are all synonyms for the word 'oomph.'  We all know that our eyes are the windows to our soul, so why not emphasize one of your best features with Oomph lashes from Swoon Avenue?


These light-volume faux mink lashes are perfect to wear every day and will flatter your low-key no-makeup look but still provide sufficient glamour for any occasion. 


One of a kind and perfectly formed, Oomph lashes give you:


  • A voluminous curl with a feathery design for sparkly eyes. It gives you drama, but in a gentle way.
  • Non-irritating lashes and a comfortable fit. No need to add mascara!
  • These lashes are cruelty-free, made from synthetic fibers and a soft cotton band.


Gorgeous on all eye shapes, Oomph from Swoon Avenue will boost your lash look – no matter what you wear!